Custom Clearance - Import/Export
Agility Agility Shipping Pvt. Ltd. As a import custom clearing agents in Delhi along with our associates in major ports in India With updated and complete knowledge of import custom duty in India and customs regulations.We handle customs clearing services of import & Export consignments by sea, air and road efficiently and easily. When the custom formalities are completed the Agility Shipping Pvt. Ltd. as a custom clearing agent deliver the consignments to the said destination as per our client's needs. As we receive the said documents, our qualified custom clearing agent professionals try to provide the best possible benefit to the clients as part of custom clearance services with reference to the custom notifications and exemptions being a custom clearance agent.

With a technical professional staff for import custom clearance we avoid the delay in custom clearing services and other detention charges such as heavy demurrage etc.

Custom Clearance Services Include:
  • Online Paper through EDI.
  • Container Track System with CONCOR.
  • Fastest refund providing services.
  • 24 hour open for you.
  • Follow up with various Govt. Organizations.
  • Documentation & legal procedures.
  • Project Imports handling.

External Sources
CNS website (USA)
GACAG website

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